Egg Vending Machines

One of the best things about our farm at Gatelawbridge is the vast amount of space our happy hens have to roam around and enjoy life in the great outdoors. It does mean that we’re a few miles away from a lot of our customers, though. That’s why we introduced our egg vending machines to Dumfries back in May 2016.

We know it sounds a bit strange to get your eggs from a vending machine. But it’s not that daft when you think about it. We’re used to buying sweets, crisps and drinks. So why not a tray of eggs?

The first commercial vending machine was invented by Percival Everitt over 100 years ago and dispensed postcards, envelopes and notepaper at railway stations. We reckon old Percy would approve of our innovation!

(We got a bit distracted looking into the history of vending machines. Did you know that they’re so popular in Japan that there’s one for every 23 people and that there’s one in Singapore where you can buy a Ferrari!)

Where to Find Them

Anyway, back to eggs! We recently moved one of our three vending machines and wanted to make sure you knew where they are now. You can’t miss them – they’ve got our logo and a big map of the farm on them and lots of doors ready to pop open with your purchase.

Matt Williamson and Sons at Closeburn has had one since the end of June so you can pick up a tray of eggs while you’re stocking up on fuel for your stove.

You’ll also find them at Newton Gardens Filling Station on Glasgow Road and Border Cards Filling Station on Terrgles Street, both in Dumfries. So you can fill up on your egg supplies while you’re filling up your vehicle.

Convenience and Freshness

This means that you can get hold of our delicious, free range eggs whenever you’re out and about (ideal if you suddenly remember the visitors arriving later and want to whip up a quick egg sponge).

It also means that the freshness of your eggs is guaranteed. We fill the vending machines up twice a week so you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your eggs are as fresh as can be. Just right for the perfect poached egg (the fresher the egg, the thicker the white so it’ll keep its shape better as it cooks).

Let us know how you’ve got on with our vending machines. We hope you love them as much as we do!