Free Range Eggs start with the diet

Free range egg suppliers Nith Valley Eggs in Thornhill provide their customers across Dumfries and Galloway with great quality free range eggs. Their happy hens spend their days roaming freely amongst 30 acres of woodland. Nith Valley Eggs is a woodland free range egg farm that prides itself on how they treat their hens in order to produce the best quality free range eggs.

Free range egg suppliers

In order to produce the best eggs possible our hens must get the right diet that they need. The nutritional value of free range eggs is far better than those produced by caged hens. Free range eggs contain around twice the amount of vitamin E compared to factory raised hens. Free range eggs contain half as much cholesterol as hens raised in factories or cages and less saturated fat.

As our hens get to roam around the woodland farm all day long, they can eat all the grass, insects and worms that they please. This leans towards a more natural diet for our hens. It’s important for laying hens to get the right amount of protein and calcium in order to produce the best quality eggs. Normally high calcium diets have negative effects on the kidney functions of hens however laying requires a higher level of calcium in order to produce strong eggshells. A high amount of protein is also required to maintain egg production.

As free range egg suppliers we endeavour to provide our hens with a happy life to make sure we get the freshest free range eggs possible. Our woodland farm is the perfect environment for our hens to get everything they need to produce these great tasting eggs. Free range eggs yolks are normally darker in colour as they have been fed a more natural diet so you can tell just from the colour. Our hens live as natural life as possible spending all day roaming the land (and eating it) as they please. And boy do they eat! A patch of grass does not last long around these hungry ladies! Have a look at our website to see exactly what our eggs have in them!

free range egg suppliers