Nith Valley Free Range Eggs are just what you need to help you become a warrior

Nith Valley Eggs understands the importance of great quality free range eggs. We love our eggs so much we try and get them to you in as many ways as possible, take our egg vending machines for example! But that also includes working with local businesses such as the Buccleuch and Queensberry Arms Hotel and the newly established Ros-fit gym in Thornhill.


Ros-fit Thornhill is one of the only affiliates in Scotland to offer the Training for Warriors program. And we must say, he does it pretty darn well. Ross Mawdesley has recently set up the Ros-fit gym in Thornhill with the intention of helping and inspiring others to change their lives for the better, and find the warrior within.


Becoming a warrior or opting for a more healthy lifestyle does not just boil down to increased exercise. You must also make choices in the kitchen! This means eating healthier but also eating the right foods to help you survive all that grueling training! Your body is a machine which means it requires regular pit stops for the right fuel to run efficiently and keep well oiled! Ross Mawdesley definitely recognises great quality when he sees it as he knows you can’t beat the free range eggs from us here at Nith Valley. Eating eggs for health benefits is a great way to keep on track with your training.


Eggs contain around 6 grams (depending on their size) of protein which is about 12% of the recommended daily amount. The protein sourced from eggs is of such high quality, that it is used by the World Health Organisation as a reference point to which all other protein types are compared. Who knew the humble egg was actually top of the chain? They are even low in calories too! One of our medium free range eggs contains 66 calories. So not only do they make you feel fuller for longer without any carbohydrates, they are a healthy low calorie meal option! Scrambled eggs for breakfast anyone?


When it comes to losing weight, the more muscle you carry the more calories you burn during rest periods. So the more muscle you carry the easier it is to lose weight and lean out. That’s why you need to get your protein fix in! Without protein you won’t see the same growth in your muscles. Definitely eggs for breakfast then!


Free range eggs have multiple health benefits when it comes to trying to lose weight or build muscle. Eggs naturally contain all eight essential amino acids that the body doesn’t produce on its own, they have to be introduced through diet. These acids are used for vital muscle recovery as well as building up valuable minerals like calcium, zinc and iron. All things your body needs to keep up with your new warrior lifestyle!


Other reasons you should eat free range eggs for health benefits are the CLA and the DHA that eggs also contain. Conjugated Linoleic Acid has been found to help the body regulate glucose and to help decrease the overall body fat percentage. Docosahexaenoic acid has also been shown to aid weight loss in that it helps the fat burning process. It has been found to help ‘turn on’ genes that increase the rate fat is burnt, so give your metabolism a kick start, whilst also turning off the genes that increase fat storage. I won’t bore you with the technical scienc-ey terminology, we’d be here all day!


real free range eggs


News flash! All of these healthy goodies are found in both the yolk and the white of the eggs! So don’t skip on the yolks and make sure you eat the whole lot. And there are plenty of ways to prepare your eggs in a healthy way so no need for those raw eggs in the morning either! Check out our recipes to get your started.


So if you are training to be a warrior at Ros-fit, make sure you’ve got your Nith Valley free range eggs waiting in the kitchen to help you beat the bulge! Want to know more about Ross? Check out his website and get started!