Summer Holidays

What do you think of when you think of summer? Here at Nith Valley Eggs, we like to think of ourselves as optimists. Our summer daydream involves endless sunny days, flowers bursting with colour and lots of opportunities to eat outside.

Whether it’s a picnic on the beach, a BBQ with friends or a camping trip with the kids, we think eggs are a great addition to any summer meal.

We know we’re biased but they really are the perfect convenience food!

Beach Snack

A few hard boiled eggs in a lunch box is the perfect accessory to your day out of the beach. They’re quick to prepare as you can pop them on to boil as you’re packing your bag. We think they’re a summer essential along with your sun cream, a good book and your favourite beach towel.

BBQ Twist

We always thought that adding a fried egg to your burger was an Aussie twist on a classic. We’ve been trying to find out and have discovered it called everything from a Spanish burger to a Humpty Dumpty burger! Whatever it’s called, it’s a great way to incorporate fresh, free range eggs from our happy hens to your evening with friends.

And if you’re having an alfresco dinner party, why not serve tuna nicoise with a delicious, softly poached egg on top. It’s another quick, easy summer recipe that makes the most of some beautiful, fresh ingredients.

Hungry Campers

We know what it’s like. You’ve spent the day out and about and all you want is a quick meal that’ll keep everyone happy. Scrambled eggs for a quick meal in the evening or a hearty breakfast in the morning is a great way to fill everyone up. They’re nice and light to carry and even come in their own, biodegradable packaging!

That’s just a few ideas for summer recipes using our high quality Nith Valley Eggs. The possibilities are endless and we’re sure you’ve already thought of some of your own ideas.

Holidaying Hens

We’re pretty sure that our hens feel like they’re on holiday all year round. They have the freedom to roam around and explore the 30 acre woodland site at our farm at Gatelawbridge. Our girls have the best home and care possible, which means they’re happy and well looked after. We believe this helps them produce some of the tastiest, freshest free range eggs you’ll ever have.