When it comes to breakfast in bed, you can’t beat an egg. Well, you could, but when it comes to your mum doesn’t she deserve the best?

We’re talking an oozy Eggs Benny with a sumptuous Hollandaise – made with the best free range eggs.

Planning to cook up a storm for your mum, this Sunday? With our rundown of the best things to cook for Mother’s Day breakfast, you’re guaranteed to be the golden child.

But before you start…


Use The Best Free Range Eggs You Can Find (they taste better)

We’re biased – and for good reason. Our free range woodland farm eggs are so delicious, that once you taste a Nith Valley egg, you’ll never go back to eggs from caged hens or even standard free range eggs. When you’re cooking any egg-based dish, the quality of the eggs you use really will have a huge impact on the end result.

Our free range eggs give the best flavour and they won’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth, because you know the hens who laid them are living the life of Riley on our woodland farm!


Best Things to Cook for Mother’s Day Breakfast

Stuffed French Toast

Ooh la la! A twist on the old classic (also known as ‘eggy bread’) this decadent breakfast treat is super easy to make but will yield maximum brownie points. It’s kind of like a banana sandwich and a fresh pancake got married. And they invited a pot of honey and a crunchy bag of pecans to the after party. Mmmm. Maybe we’ll need to have a practice run tomorrow.


Classic Eggs Benedict

According to this recipe from Gordon Ramsay, you can knock together a couple of servings of this delicious dish in around 20 minutes. Add an extra ten if making your own Hollandaise sauce. But if you haven’t tried your hand at eggs benny before, you might want to give this a try beforehand or watch this how-to video. Beware, this recipe from our favourite aggressive Scottish foodie promises does have the potential to turn the air blue.


Sweet or Savoury Breakfast Crepes

The beauty of a crepe is that it’s really just a vessel for whatever deliciousness you like. For mums with a sweet tooth why not try these crepes with berries and cream? If she prefers savoury you could start with these simple egg, ham and cheese crepes. You can’t buy me love, but you can certainly bribe me with crepes.


Ready to get your chef on, this Sunday? Don’t forget the eggs! There’s still time to pick up your tray of the best free range eggs a mother could wish for – from our fresh egg vending machines. Find your nearest machine, here. Have a fabulous day, you lovely mums!