So, you’ve picked up your tray of 15 eggs from your nearest egg vending machine… But of course, it’s Easter time! That means you’ve lost at least half to ‘that dip dye debacle’ and the rest to rolling related incidents. So you’re on to box two already! If the Easter holidays are coming to a close and you are stuck with extra supplies of our delicious free range eggs, don’t despair! We’ve collected some super quick and easy recipes to use up those extra eggs AND keep those little bundles of joy entertained while you’re at it…

Easter Bunny Cookies There’s not much to go wrong with these humble, homemade, lunch box favourites.

Easter Chick Cupcakes Become the scandal of the school run with these scrummy cupcakes that are far easier than they look. Kiddie winks will love mixing up the icing, beating eggs and assembling these crafty little morsels.

Chic Chip Hot Cross Buns This handy recipe from BBC Good Food has done the hard work for you, with instructions for big cooks and little cooks already highlighted. Burn off those Easter e-numbers by letting kids get stuck in with the kneading process. Oh, and it has chocolate chips, of course.

Chocolate Truffle Egg Box Okay, so this one isn’t strictly an egg recipe. But it’s definitely an opportunity to get creative with the kids and reuse your egg boxes. And if this means eating 15 truffles, then so be it!

Angelic Devilled Egg Chicks Don’t be fooled by their cute exterior. These super healthy snacks pack a protein punch that will keep hunger at bay. Carefully scoop your eggs out and keep the shells if you can, for use in the next activity below.

Cress-heads A timeless classic! Take a trip down memory lane with this right of passage for your green fingered pre-schoolers. Kids will love watching their plant people’s locks grow, and learning the basics of plant care in the process.

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