Egg suppliers Nith Valley know what’s good for you!

And that is 3 eggs a day! There has been a long standing debate between health officials over the credulity of just how good eggs are for you. However the latest flavour of the month is that they are in fact incredibly good for you. Hooray! The big wigs also couldn’t decide how many eggs you could eat in one day and still stay healthy, but news just in! You can eat three whole eggs a day and actually do your body a whole lot of good! It’s a good job Nith Valley eggs are great quality free range egg suppliers in Dumfries and Galloway to keep your fridges stocked! Here’s what happens to your body when you fill it full of excellent eggs!


Nutrient rich

High cholesterol is linked to cardiovascular disease and a single egg has 180-186 mg cholesterol. However your liver can generate 1000-2000 mg on a daily website. Your body is clever though as it can vary the production depending on what you eat. So whether you eat a high or low cholesterol diet your blood cholesterol content will be monitored by your liver.  


And the cholesterol that eggs contain is the good kind, HDL cholesterol. The good cholesterol helps your body produce the hormones testosterone, estrogen, cortisol and vitamin D. HDL also doesn’t clog up your arteries like the bad guys, the LDL cholesterol, in fact it actually helps stop the LDL building up.   


Something else found in eggs is Choline. Choline is great for pregnant women (just make sure they’re properly cooked!). Choline is essential to reduce abnormalities developing in fetuses. It also helps stimulate the brain and helps with your memory. Not having enough choline in the body can damage muscles and cause liver fatty disease.



Another 2 of the good guys that eggs help your body with are lutein and zeaxanthin. Introducing these antioxidants can help reducing your risk of developing cataracts by a whole 50%! They also help strengthen your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.  


Eggs are one of the few super foods out there. They contain the highest percentage of protein over any lean meat. And make sure you don’t overlook the yolk- 40% of the protein is in there! The body can’t produce the 8 essential amino acids that protein supplies so it’s essential to get those eggs in!   


Healthy bones

To keep those bones healthy and strong you need to make sure you are getting enough vitamin D. And let’s face it, you can’t rely on the great British Summer to provide that! So what’s the next best thing? EGGS! Vitamin D and Calcium are a great double act. Vitamin D helps your body absorb the calcium. Calcium them gets to work clotting blood, contracting your muscles and sending out essential nerve signals.  


Losing weight..

Eggs are egg-cellent at helping you to lose weight as they are low in calories but because of the protein content they help you feel fuller for longer. To give yourself lots of energy to eggs-ercise include eggs in your meals when you can. Make sure to include eggs into your breakfast to give you the best start to your weight loss journey! 


Nith Valley are egg suppliers in Dumfries and Galloway. They understand the importance of eggs in your diet and that is why they produce great quality free range eggs. We are eggs suppliers to many outlets across Dumfries and Galloway including their egg vending machines. They are determined to supply their great quality free range egg so as many people can reap the benefits as possible. Have a look here to find out which machine is closest to you!