So you want to see a little bit more about where our Woodland Free Range Eggs come from? Nith Valley Eggs farm is a spectacular home for happy woodland hens. But don’t just take our word for it, all of our woodland hens are free, to run, skip, jump and climb! It’s very likely you’ve never seen a hen climbing trees, well it just so happens that is exactly what we have for you right here! Due to the nature of our large woodland farm, tree climbing is just one of the many daily activities available for our happy hens to enjoy here at Nith Valley Eggs.

This is the bit that we love the most. This page right here. That’s because this is the reason Nith Valley is brilliant at producing the very best quality woodland free range eggs from our hens. We love caring for our hens and providing them with the best home possible to lay their delicious eggs. So we want to keep you updated with endless pictures showing you how happy our woodland hens really are, just incase you didn’t believe us. These lucky ladies have the run of the farm, as you can see, and thirty acres at that! The pictures simply speak for themselves. The freedom the hens have is shown in how evidently comfortable they feel roaming as they please around the farm.

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