Here at Nith Valley Eggs, we might be biased but we know our eggs are definitely the best free range eggs uk wide! Nestled away in a quiet corner of Dumfries and Galloway is our free range woodland farm. Ran by our head egg man Stuart Rutherford, who oversees that everything is running smoothly, our woodland farm and the hens are in the very best of hands. That is, to make sure only the freshest and top quality eggs make it to your kitchen.

So what is it that makes them so egg-cellent?

Unique location

free range eggs UK

First, set on a former quarry, our woodland farm is in a truly beautiful yet unique location. The site covers an expanse of thirty acres in its entirety. In terms of free range egg producers in Dumfries and Galloway, Nith Valley Eggs are quite unique. Making use of the land, the thirty acres of woodland landscape is the ideal home for Nith Valley Eggs 13000 happy hens. Looking after our hens and providing them with a safe and happy home means we get the highest quality free range eggs possible from our girls.  

Free Range

free range eggs UK

Secondly, our 13000 hens have the run of the farm, free to roam wherever they please. Providing tree cover (which there is clearly plenty of) is hugely beneficial to free range hens. The cover and shade of the trees provide protection from anticipated predators, breaking up wide open spaces. Therefore stress is reduced, consequently producing better quality eggs.

Egg Vending Machines

free range eggs UK

Last of all, Nith Valley Eggs have pioneered the latest in vending machine technology within Dumfries and Galloway. Rather than going all the way to the shops for your free range eggs, you can now collect them in a much more fun way! We have three vending machines at different locations across Dumfries, freshly stocked with our fantastic free range eggs UK each morning.
Our free range eggs are highly nutritious and deliciously tasty because of the care we provide the hens. Everything is provided for them to ensure they produce top quality free range eggs uk.