What do Amir Khan, Ryan Lochte, Ashton Eaton, Peter Vanderkaay and Michael Phelps all have in common? All Olympic athletes and all eat a phenomenal amount of calories in one day. The record breaking Olympian Michael Phelps eats a whopping 12,000 calories a day! Well if it’s good enough for Michael Phelps, it’s good enough for us! One of the main repeat offenders on the long list of foods Phelps eats is of course the humble yet mighty free range eggs. Still under-eggstimated in most nutritionist’s eyes, the simple egg actually packs quite a nutritional punch.


What’s on the menu today?

By Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil [CC BY 3.0 br], via Wikimedia Commons

Michael Phelps has three fried egg sandwiches as a pre breakfast… not even the main event! He then follows this up with a monster 5 egg omelette. For his gruelling regime of 6 hours training a day, this amount of energy is vital to someone like Phelps. Eggs contain the most natural form of protein which benefits athletes in 2 ways. First of all, the protein provided by eggs gives the body the essential amino acids needed for your muscles to recover and repair themselves properly. Protein also helps to maintain muscle size but also helps them grow. 


Secondly, because of the high amount of protein found in eggs (around 6g in the average medium sized eggs) they help you stay fuller for longer! This helps athletes like Andy Murray, who can sometimes be on court for 5 set matches lasting 4 or 5 hours. Good nutrition is vital to ensure he is fit enough to maintain the same level of energy throughout the match.


our woodland Free Range EggsFree range eggs are any athlete’s secret weapon. Not only do they keep providing you with energy for longer and with essential amino acids (protein), eggs also contain a whole host of vital vitamins and nutrients. Our happy hens at Nith Valley Eggs have been fed on the most natural diet possible so you get the most out of our free range eggs. As they are free range they have the run of the farm. Check out where our happy hens live right here! Make sure you add free range eggs to your diet to stay as fit and strong as the best of the Olympians!