If you make your own mayonnaise* (recipe at the end if you’d like to give it a go) – and why wouldn’t you, when a) it’s so easy – and b) you have fresh Nith Valley free range eggs practically on your doorstep – you’ll be wondering what to do with the leftover egg whites. Or, if you’re making meringues, you’re left with perfectly usable egg yolks. Well, it needn’t be a dilemma with this month’s blog, with an eye on zero waste – and ideas for using the whole egg, shell and all.

Egg whites

Luckily egg whites freeze really well. Freeze fresh Nith Valley egg whites as soon as you can in ice cube trays, then transfer to a freezer bag –remember to write the date on the bag and use within 12 months. If they’re thawed overnight in the fridge they whisk up fine for meringue and pavlova but can also be used for omelettes, mousses or as a glaze for home made scones, bread and pastry. Egg white can also be used as glue for light paper or card – who knew?

Egg yolks

There’s nothing like a fresh, yellow, Nith Valley free-range egg yolk, so don’t waste them if you’ve been whipping up a meringue. Unlike egg whites, they don’t freeze so well, so for a change from making carbonara, custard or hollandaise sauce, try these beauty treatments:

Blend yourself a facemask using an egg yolk, ¼ of a ripe avocado and one teaspoon of yogurt – it’s a great moisturising mask and the vitamin A is alleged to help acne prone skin.

Treat yourself to a deep conditioning hair mask once a month by combing four beaten egg yolks through wet hair and leaving for just 15 minutes.

Egg shells

Don’t throw away the shells or even the water you boil your breakfast egg in – let the water cool and use it in the garden – it’s full of nutrients.

Crush eggshells into the compost bin – they’re rich in calcium and make a great fertiliser.

Use broken egg shells to scare away slugs and snails in the garden

Nith Valley free-range egg boxes and cartons are completely recyclable – or use them to start seedlings off or for emergency ice cube trays!

If you’ve any ideas or recipes using Nith Valley free-range eggs, add them in the comments. We’d love to hear them.