“I just love the colour, the taste and the quality.” Customer Adele Archibald’s reason for buying free range eggs from Nith Valley is a familiar one.

Nith Valley, currently the most unique egg producers Scotland has created, endeavours to supply the very best in terms of quality and freshness. The woodland farm produces the perfect base for happy hens who, in turn, produce some of the finest free range eggs to be found in Scotland, according to customers.

Nith Valley supplies its eggs to a variety of customers including Turnberry Hotel, Buccleuch and Queensberry Arms Hotel, Kilnford Barn and Peckham’s delicatessens among many others within Nithsdale, Dumfries and the central belt.


Nutrition information Per medium size egg Per 100g
Typical values
Energy 277kJ
of which saturates
of which sugars
trace trace
Protein 6.4g 12.6g
Salt 0.2g 0.4g

6 Pack of Eggs

Tray of 30 Eggs

Egg Vending Machine

And the company is pioneering a new outlet, initially in Dumfries.

Egg vending machines could be a valuable area in the development of distribution services and Nith Valley Eggs are determined to be ahead of the game in Scotland the UK. Egg producers Scotland based and further afield should be looking to Nith Valley as they seem to be leading the way in terms of moving the industry forward.

The machines will allow a wider base of customers to have access to, and enjoy, the product.

They are very simple to use. Simply tap your card on the contactless reader and the door to a compartment swings open revealing a tray of fifteen fresh, free range eggs. Each machine holds 28 trays and Nith Valley staff ensure that eggs are all fresh. There is a guarantee that from lay to machine will be no longer than a maximum 48 hours.

Boss Stuart Rutherford puts it this way: “We are always looking for new ways to get our eggs straight from the farm to the consumer and we are really excited to have our new innovative egg vending machines.

“In a sense we are taking our farm gate to the public and customers can be assured they are buying local eggs that are as fresh as possible.”

By the way, the machines are computer controlled and even send a text message alerting Nith Valley when there are only five trays left.

Our Egg Machines can be found at the following locations throughout Dumfries:

Newton Gardens Filling Station, Glasgow road

Border Cars Filling Station, Terregles street

Matt Williamson & Son, Closeburn