Say no to caged eggs and embrace the free range eggs!


Following the petition that received a massive 280,302 signatures by 14 year old Lucy Gavaghan urging Tesco to stop selling caged eggs, they have responded! Tesco have now given a date by which time they will only be selling free range eggs. This is a major result in the battle against caged eggs as they sell 600m a year! Consequently, Nith Valley Eggs are taking over Dumfries and Galloway with an Egg Revolution! Nith Valley have always strongly opposed the way hens are treated simply to make a bigger profit. Stepping onto the peaceful and beautiful woodland farm, there is not a cage in sight at Nith Valley. Far removed from the cruel conditions of caged hens, the farm consist of 30 acres of woodland the hens have the freedom to roam as they please. And climb trees.

free range eggs

More and more outlets across Dumfries and Galloway and even Glasgow, are converting to Nith Valley Eggs due to the love and care that the hens receive. Stuart Rutherford, Head Egg man, ensures his happy hens are just that. The treatment and the diet of the hens in particular, affects the nutritional value of the eggs. The quality of caged eggs is no comparison to the fresh, flavoursome taste of our free range woodland eggs. Vendors such as the Buccleuch and Queensberry Arms Hotel and Ros-fit gym in Thornhill, Dumfries and Galloway use and support Nith Valley Eggs. As a luxury hotel and a gym running the high intensity Training For Warrior program, the taste and quality of the eggs is vitally important. Hence why they only use Nith Valley. The BQA Hotel endeavours to source the best of the best in everything they provide their customers. Similarly, those taking part in the TFW program require high quality nutrition to make sure their bodies recover. Both outlets believe you simply cannot get any better than Nith Valley free range eggs.

Join the Free Range Egg Revolution!

We are proud to be a part of the Egg Revolution. Join us in putting an end to the cruelty and torture caged hens suffer on a daily basis! Support Nith Valley as a free range egg farm and play your part in the Egg Revolution.

Free Range Eggs