The Man behind the Free Range Egg Farm

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Since 2008 Nith Valley Eggs have gone from strength to strength. The free range egg farm is the brainchild of head Egg Man Stuart Rutherford. Stuart has always shown a passion for free range egg farming. He spent time studying the business before starting up his own farm, ensuring that he could give the very best to his beloved hens. From simply dreaming of owning his own farm, to now running one of the greatest free range egg farms for quality in Scotland, Stuart has certainly turned his dreams into reality. Stuart’s success has continued to grow since the farm began as he also exclusively introduced Scotland to Egg Vending Machines.

Nith Valley Eggs is situated in Gatelawbridge, just outside the village of Thornhill in Dumfries and Galloway. The impressive 30 acre woodland farm is home to a whopping 13000 hens! He can’t possibly have named them all right?! hungry hens

Stuart instantly saw potential in the land that formerly existed as a quarry. After moving in, the land now boasts 30 acres of lush greenery and a diverse mixture of terrain for the hens to explore as they please. With a beautiful lake visible from spectacular vantage points, the hens at Nith Valley Eggs are definitely lucky to call it home.

The team at Nith Valley Eggs pride themselves on the love and care they provide the hens. This means that their customers get nothing but fresh tasting, great quality free range eggs. Happy hens = happy eggs. Nith Valley Eggs have actually been voted into the top 5 for quality in Scotland. That shows they definitely know what they are doing!

Stuart Rutherford and his team at NithValley Eggs, including Finn (top pet on the farm) have a lot of love for their hens and that definitely shows. Take a look at their instagram, you’ll see for yourself how happy those hens are!

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