A Nith Valley Love Story

As the population divides into swooning hopefuls and panicked partners, we know we’re nearing the calendar’s most amorous occasion. But as Valentine’s Day approaches, it’s got us thinking about our own labour of love. Our free range eggs are so much more than a delicious bite – they represent an entire ethos of exceptional animal welfare, accessible healthy eating and sustainable living. It’s an amazing ethos that’s helped our little farm continue to grow since 2008.

And ten years on, we’re still head over heels! So, what’s our secret to relationship success?

Well, quite simply, we love eggs.

Here’s why we do (and why you should too).


Our Hens Are Happy

And to keep it this way, we do more than just make sure our girls have access to the best food and board a hen could ask for. We look after our girls – and they look after us!

Our hens are free to roam across over thirty acres of Scottish woodland farmland. They spend their days scratching through the bracken and the bushes, sunning themselves on branches and sometimes even shaking their (albeit modest) tail feathers. For us, the health and wellbeing of our hens isn’t just a requirement – ensuring they have the real quality of life any animal should is our top priority.

We wholeheartedly believe that this is what gives our free range eggs their unrivalled flavour and freshness.



Eggs Are Good For You

We all know that eggs are rich in protein, but it’s the quality of this protein that really packs a punch. One egg contains all nine essential amino acids (plus another nine) in a form that’s highly digestible for the human body. Maintaining amino acid levels aids blood sugar balance and can protect our bodies against a range of metabolic diseases and strengthen our immune systems. But how does this translate into your daily life? Well, it helps you feel fuller for longer, reducing the urge to snack between meals and keeps your energy levels high by avoiding blood sugar spikes. Handy, especially when you’re trying to shed a few pounds!

Want cold hard-boiled facts? Geek-out on our egg-cellent nutritional information, here.


woodland free range hens

Eggs Are Affordable (for everyone)

When it comes to eggs, quality really does matter and it’s always best to go for the highest quality eggs you can afford. We’re talking free range woodland farm eggs – obviously – not only for their amazing flavour but because the hens aren’t living in caged conditions, but enjoying the great outdoors, like any happy hen should be.

But the good news is, even the highest quality eggs are affordable for everyone, so there’s no reason to miss out!

And collecting your eggs couldn’t be easier. You can pick up your tray of fresh eggs from our nifty egg vending machines (find your nearest one here) or have them delivered straight to your door along with a pint or two of delicious free range local milk, by our friends over at Roans Dairy.


Eggs Are Portable

They’re the original fast food. A couple of boiled eggs in the lunchbox can keep big and little people fuelled up ‘til tea time. If you’re looking for some affordable, practical and easy packed lunch ideas, we share our 5 favourites in this post.


Our Eggs Are Supporting Our Local Community (And Our Planet)

Not just because we take care of our beautiful woodland farm but because our eggs are produced, distributed and mostly munched, on the doorstep. In fact, you can find our Nith Valley Eggs being served up in some of the finest restaurants and eateries throughout Dumfries and Galloway.

When you choose to buy locally grown produce, you’re actively supporting businesses in your area. This not only benefits you and yours (shorter distances travelled by food makes for naturally fresher and tastier grub) it also reduces emissions because we don’t need to transport food long distances in fuel-guzzling trucks or preserve it in lots of unnecessary packaging. And that’s just the beginning! Find out how you can change your own community by shopping local, here.


So, go ahead and choose your weapon – be it a sumptuous souffle or a bewitching eggs benedict. But whatever you’re up to this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget that the way to any reasonable person’s heart is through their stomach. And what better way to get there than with a heart-warming helping of free range eggs. You can still pick up your box of eggs in time from our free range egg vending machines dotted around Dumfries and Galloway!


And if you’ve gone all dough-eyed over our adorable hennies, you can coo over their latest antics on Instagram.