If it’s time to whip yourself into shape, but you can’t bear to be one of this month’s guilt ridden January gym goers, then there’s no better place to look than your diet. It has long been acknowledged that protein is an infinitely useful macronutrient not only in building muscle but in helping dieters to burn fat and keep weight off. In a world of conflicting dietary advice, the important role of protein in the diet is one that is agreed upon amongst just about everybody. And which favourite shelled delight is at the top of the charts and used to set the standard against which the protein content of all other foods is assessed? Of course, it’s the humble egg!


Quantity and Quality

Scoring an intimidating 100 on the protein evaluation scale, it’s not just the quantity of protein in an egg but the quality that makes it so special. They contain highly digestible, high quality protein and are a rich source of amino acids – the building blocks of protein and the basis of all organic processes which take place in the body.

By maintaining amino acid levels, we can help fight off a range of metabolic diseases, keep our immune systems firing on all cylinders, fight off the urge to snack and keep our energy levels up. This way we can not only keep pesky colds at bay but also improve the rewards to be reaped from exercise. By ensuring protein is readily available before and after exercise, our muscles have the raw materials they need to repair damaged muscle tissue and grow new mass after training. So you could stay on form, improve recovery times, ramp up performance and stave off hunger cravings all thanks to that protein punch!


Tasty and affordable

Eggs not only pit other sources like beef and milk to the post, but are readily available and inexpensive (cheep cheep!) so anyone can easily add them to their diet. They are also tasty as well as being extremely versatile – if you don’t believe us check out some of our recipes here straight from the farm kitchen using our free range woodland eggs and beat off those leftover yuletide pounds!