Did you overdo the chocolate eggs, this year?


Just us then!

Well, the good news is we’re already on our way to optimum health with these tasty, healthy and easy peasy springtime egg dishes.

Our Favourite Free Range Egg Recipes For Spring

Whether you’re heading out for a family picnic or just trying to rustle up a light and springy packed lunch – we’ve got just the recipe for you!

One-Pan Egg & Veg Brunch

Nothing says ‘I’m on holiday’ like a lie in and followed by a late-morning brunch. This dish is super easy to throw together and perfect for the kids. You can even keep the yolks soft if you have a hard time weaning your brood off their staple of egg and soldiers.

Cheese & Spring Onion Slice

If you’re entertaining this month, this simple slice is easy to throw together and perfect for children’s parties, BBQ’s or for adding a twist to ‘Cheese & Wine’ night.

Spring onions are notoriously easy to grow and you may even have them in your garden already. They are at their best in the height of the season, so just nip out and grab a bunch or pick them up with your weekly shop. Oh, and these contain pastry, too, so obviously they’re delicious.

Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Okay, so you don’t really even need a recipe for this one. Springtime is well underway so that only means one thing – summertime is nearly upon us! If you’re feeling frumpy after the winter hiatus then starting the day with a healthy breakfast is an amazing way to recharge.

This breakfast bowl is packed with protein from the super grain, Quinoa, and our free range eggs. The avocado contains your healthy fats and the smoked salmon is optional (but delicious).

Rhubarb and Date Muffins

A tasty treat that’s been described as ‘healthy, spicy and fruity’ – it’s hard to go wrong with these. If you love rhubarb crumble, these make the perfect alternative to make the most of this seasonal stalk without sacrificing your entire daily caloric intake. They should only take about 10 minutes to put together (plus cooking time) and are great for on-the-go breakfasts, as a snack or as a party or buffet item.

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