Free Range Egg Producers Receive SALSA Accreditation


Nith Valley Eggs pride ourselves on the love and care we provide our hens on our woodland farm. With 30 acres of woodland to roam as they please, our happy hens wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. As free range egg producers working from the heart of Dumfries and Galloway, it is very significant for us to get our message across that our eggs are of the best quality free range eggs available. The great taste of Nith Valley Eggs is quickly spreading across the region. More and more suppliers realise we cannot be beaten for quality and taste.

free range egg producers

That is why it is with great pleasure that we announce our recent accreditation by SALSA food group. SALSA Food are an organisation managed by the four main trade agencies for food in the UK. Gaining accreditation and recognition by SALSA is a fantastic step forward for Nith Valley Eggs. This support from the main food trading associations emphasises the hard work that has been put into ensuring we provide the highest quality eggs possible. SALSA provide certification for small businesses, acknowledging their due diligence in terms of legal requirements as well as providing food safety assurance for customers.

free range egg producers

The need for organisations such as SALSA grew in conjunction with the increasing demand for locally sourced suppliers. Certification from SALSA demonstrates that smaller businesses are meeting the same demands to a more appropriate scale as larger commercial companies.  

Free range egg producers
Here at Nith Valley we have always known the eggcellent quality of our free range eggs. As free range egg producers in Dumfries and Galloway it is a great achievement to receive such a nationally recognised accreditation. We hope this will further promote the importance of free range egg producers over commercially raised, caged hens. Have a look at the beauty of our natural woodland farm right here