Egg Decorating the Nith Valley way

The Easter break is the perfect time to get the arts and craft supplies out with the kids and get creative. We’ve put together a list of a few fun and easy ways your little ones can have fun decorating eggs with you this Easter.

Grab your paints, felt-tips and glue – it’s time to get cracking with your egg-cellent creations!

Preparing Your Eggs for Decorating

To prepare your eggs for your crafting session you could use the ‘blow out’ technique. This requires you to pierce a hole either side of the uncooked egg and literally blow out the contents into a sink, and then leave to dry.

However, this does make the shell quite delicate for small hands. Instead, we would recommend that you hard boil the eggs for 15 minutes and leave them to cool before starting your creations.

Keep It Simple

You don’t have to have fancy tools to create a masterpiece! A set of felt-tip pens or paints could be all they need to let their imaginations run wild. Older children may want to create stripey, checkered or zig-zag patterns in different colours, or follow a colour scheme such as a rainbow, or bright yellows and oranges for Easter.

Glitter and Glue

Creating glittery designs can be just as simple, but maybe slightly messier! Draw simple designs with PVA glue over the eggs, shake glitter over the glued areas and carefully blow off the excess to reveal your design. Let the glue dry in-between applications and you can build up your design with different colours and shapes.

Creative Creatures

Bring your eggs to life with a few extra craft supplies. White cotton balls and black paint are eggs-actly what you need to create some cuddly lambs or a hoppy bunny. A few feathers here or there and some googly eyes and you could transform your eggs into chicks or hens too. Lots of other animals are easy to create too. Why not try a friendly bumblebee or ladybird?

Whatever you make together, we hope you enjoy getting creative this Easter with your egg decorating! We’d love to see some of your creations using Nith Valley Eggs.