Free Range Farming, Nith Valley & Roans Dairy

-Most dairy produce in the United Kingdom is produced en masse on battery farms.

-But Two Scottish companies are fighting back and taking Free Range Farming public!

-Nith Valley Eggs and Roan’s Dairy are excited to announce a new local partnership.

-Both our companies produce high quality and fresh free range produce.

-We are now teaming up to provide door-to-door deliveries in Dumfries and Galloway.

-Check out our short promotional video on our YouTube channel

-Below is some more information about the history and ethos of our companies.

Nith Valley Eggs

-Nith Valley Eggs is one of Scotland’s top producers of free range eggs. Situated on a massive 30-acre plot of land, our farm is home to over 13,000 hens. 

-Unlike many other farms, our hens are allowed to roam the woods and countryside at will (see below).  Free Range Farming means happy free range hens,  producing consistently high-quality free range eggs and we strive to never compromise on these values.

Roan’s Dairy

-Roan’s Dairy is a family run Scottish Free Range Farm who produce fresh free range milk and cream from their herd of cows that roam their farm at their leisure. Scotland’s wet and mild climate is ideal to cultivate luscious green pastures.

-Full of goodness, this grass ensures that their cows produce deliciously fresh free range milk. In the winter, when the grass is less abundant, they feed their cows summer grass that they cut in preparation for the cold season.

-Together, we believe that nurturing our animals and birds and cultivating green environments produces the best tasting free range Scottish produce. 

-To place your order now contact Roan’s Dairy on 01556 620 374 (8am-6pm) or email