5 Easy ways to cook a Nith Valley Egg


real free range eggs

Can’t decide how you like your real free range eggs in the morning?

Or just not that skilled in the kitchen department? Well here is just what you have been looking for! We have put together a little list of just some of the ways you can prepare the versatile tasty treat that is the free range egg! For all cooking novices or students getting ready to fly the nest here is a quick guide to cooking real free range eggs in a few different but easy ways. Once you’ve mastered the basics you’re all set to jazz up your recipes.



Take your 2 real free range eggs, crack them and give them a quick beat in a measuring jug. Add a little butter to a pan over a medium heat and once melted carefully add the eggs. Using a spatula slowly stir the eggs (remember to go to the edges of the pan, burnt egg does not taste nice). Keep going until they look silky but almost a little underdone. Take the pan off the heat. Spoon the eggs on top of buttered toast and ta-dah! Breakfast is ready!  


Sunny side up

Deceptively tricky for all those with patience issues. The trick is not to rush! Nobody wants brown tough edges and uncooked middles. The concept is simple. Place real free range eggs in a pan of hot butter. Wait 1-2 minutes before spooning some of the fat on top of the egg. (this helps cook the top of the egg while still leaving you with a deliciously runny yolk).

These take around 4-5 minutes to be cooked to perfection.



Hard boiled

Hard boiled eggs are a perfect accompaniment to salads but also great enjoyed on their own. The easiest of all eggs to cook. Simply place your real free range egg in a pan of cold water (the water should completely cover the egg) and bring to the boil. Once boiling remove from the heat, set a time for 10-12 minutes and go and watch telly. That’s it. Easy as that. Once the time is up place the free range egg in cold water and leave to cool. If you want it a little less hard boiled reduce the cooking time to get a runnier yolk.



This is where you can get a little creative. Omelettes taste great with most things so be a bit inventive and add throw in some interesting ingredients! Now, the secret to a perfect omelette is all in the pan. A trusty non stick frying pan will be your omelettes best friend. Cook your tasty added extras in the pan before you add your real free range eggs. For example say you decided on a mushroom omelette? Well heat a little butter in your non stick pan and add the chopped mushrooms frying gently until nicely browned. Take your beaten free range eggs and add to the pan, making sure to spread it right to the edges. Once the free range egg looks like it’s starting to cook at the edges but not quite done in the middle sprinkle over some grated cheddar. Slide a spatula around the edge of the pan so you can easily fold the omelette in half. Once the bottom looks a nice golden brown slide onto your plate and tuck in.



You may have heard the rumour that poached eggs are the most pesky type to cook. Well we’re here to tell you that’s just a rumour, they are in fact relatively easy to prepare. Heat a pan of water so its gently simmering and add a little vinegar. Vinegar?! I hear you protest. Believe it or not vinegar stops the whites of the eggs ‘feathering’. Vinegar lowers the PH of the water and so lowers the temperature (by increasing the acidity) allowing the eggs more time to set. Didn’t know that did you? Science fact if the day done now create a gentle whirlpool in the water and crack the real free range eggs directly into the pan. The whirlpool encourages the whites to stick to the yolk. Leave the for 5 minutes and voila! Another tasty free range egg recipe mastered and under your belt.
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