Here at Nith Valley Eggs, we love eggs, so much so we have made them our life. And quite frankly we think the humble egg is very under egg-stimated (sorry) when it comes to free range egg nutrition! Humans have been eating eggs since waayyyyy back in the day, for thousands of years and with most food these days there are always arguments over the pros and cons. So we thought we’d put our fifty pence in and give you some of the reasons that prove eggs are good for you and the best ways to serve them!

Scottish free Range eggs

Scottish free range eggs and their nutrients!

Someone says ‘fat’ and that automatically puts people off straight away. However a little bit of everything goes a long way and it’s what is needed to be healthy, including saturated and unsaturated fats believe it or not! Unsaturated fats are what your body needs to keep your heart nice and healthy. Unsaturated fats also keep cell membranes healthy and work to protect your internal organs. Scottish free range eggs for breakfast anyone?

Vegetarians should definitely be the eggs No.1 fan. As they cut meat and fish from their diet, that leaves behind quite a large protein shaped hole. It just so happens that you can get even more of those helpful amino acids from eggs than you can from lean meat! Who would have thought it ey? Essential amino acids are not something the body can produce on its on so your diet needs to step up to the plate.

Now for the big C…cholesterol. Yes eggs do contain a little cholesterol. You have no need to worry though, unless a doctor has told you to cut down on the amount you eat. All the other good guys make up for that one little slightly bad guy.      

How many is too many?                               

There is no strict rule to say how many eggs you should or shouldn’t be eating in a day. Generally 3 eggs a day is a good number to stick to if you are using eggs as part of a main meal instead of meat. Incorporating eggs into your main meals is a win win situation for everyone. Having days where you don’t have any meat in your meals is a great benefit for animal welfare and means you get less of the saturated fat that is normally found in most lean meats.

We know here at Nith Valley Eggs that for you to get the best from the eggs, we need to provide the hens laying them with the best we can. That is why we created our woodland farm, to keep happy hens living a happy life producing happy eggs.

So you’ve decided how many to eat…how are you going to cook them?

Fried eggs are the most unhealthy of all eggs right? Wrong! It doesn’t have to be that way. Bypass the high levels of saturated fat and take a leaf out of Jamie Oliver’s book (he has plenty) and place a lid over the frying pan as you are frying your Scottish free range egg. This means that you can use a lot less oil as the heat helps the egg to cook, and quicker too!

Poaching is a sure fire way to creating an oil free perfectly formed egg. All you need is some Scottish free range eggs and boiling water, easy peasy. Jamie Oliver also offers a tip for the more adventurous of you out there. Try using clingfilm parcels to poach your eggs, giving you the opportunity to try out different flavours such as chilli for example!

See? We knew you’d love our Scottish free range eggs just as much as we do after that. Try out the cooking tips and let us know how they taste! Or if you have any more to offer, we’re all ears!