Nith Valley Eggs, one of Dumfries and Galloway’s ever growing free range egg suppliers strongly believes there is a difference in the quality of eggs produced on free range farms, which is why we think that Woodland Free Range Eggs Rule! That is why their happy hens are raised on the beautiful woodland farm comprising of thirty acres of land and they are free to roam as they please. Nith Valley Eggs understands the treatment of hens is the secret to the best quality woodland free range eggs and endeavour to ensure their hens have the happiest of lives with them on the farm.

Because we are so passionate about our hens we thought we’d share some fun filled facts with you about the wonder that is the egg.

Did you know that worldwide, around 1.2 trillion eggs are produced for eating every year. That works out as the average person on Earth consuming 173 eggs a year! That’s only 6 trays of woodland free range eggs from Nith Valley Eggs. However not all of those eggs produced are happy eggs. Nith Valley Eggs believe as a free range egg supplier that the quality of the eggs is determined by how the hens are treated.

In 2010 Harriet the hen laid the largest egg weighing in at 9.1 inches in diameter. Harriet was one of 17 hens kept in the back garden of a small hen farmer in Essex. Look out World Record books, Nith Valley might have some competition for you judging by the size of their gardens!

Eggs are an incredible source of protein with very low calorific content and other great nutritional values. We’ve put together a table of just how good our woodland free range eggs are for you! Have a look at our nutritional info here! So for those of you on health kicks, eggs are definitely your go-to food. They are also naturally gluten-free so cooking with eggs caters for all diets.  

The word ‘yolk’ comes from an old english word which means yellow. Hence we have egg white and egg yellow!

An easy way to check the freshness of an egg without cracking it is to place it in water. If it floats it means that too much air has entered the shell. Also meaning that is has probably got very smelly by now. That is a bad egg. Lucky for you, Nith Valley Eggs pride themselves as one of Dumfries and Galloway’s best free range egg suppliers and in turn produce only the freshest eggs for their customers. 
Check out our gallery page to see the fantastic woodland farm for yourself!