First we had crisp machines…then hot drinks were available at the push of a button. And now believe it or not, coming to Nith Valley Eggs is the very latest in vending machine technology. Yes you’ll never have guessed it, but meet the Egg Vending machine! A Scottish exclusive, this vending machine promises to bring farm freshness straight to your hands!

About the farm

Nith Valley Eggs is a free range woodland farm. Home to 13 000 woodland hens it is situated just outside the picturesque village of Thornhill. Owned by Stuart Rutherford, this woodland farm prides itself on the happiness of it’s hens and as a result have snatched themselves a position in the top 5 for quality of free range eggs in Scotland. The farm is unique to the area in that these are not just pastured poultry, they have a beautiful woodland area to call their home instead. These woodland hens are free to roam as they please, often found playing who can climb the highest tree! Don’t believe me? See for yourself in our Gallery. Up until this point in time this farm have provided their fabulous free range eggs to a multitude of local shops, restaurants and such like. However the cleverness of these machines offers endless ease and convenience to a wider range of consumers looking to purchase that trusty brand the farm have created. If free range is something that is important to you, these happy hens will provide you with just that!

These fabulous innovative vending machines will be available at a handful of locations around Dumfries and Galloway including:

● Newton Gardens Filling Station, Glasgow Road
● Border Cars Filling Station, Terregles street
● Matt Williamson & Sons, Closeburn Industrial Estate, Closeburn

So if you haven’t already seen one of these, take the time to go and investigate for yourselves!

So in layman’s terms what does this mean for you? Well the Egg Vending machines mean that, should you not be able to make it to the nearest retailer of your most favourite egg brand, don’t sweat it! Because somewhere close to you there could be one of these beauties popping up very soon. It’s almost like cutting out the middle man and going straight to the farm to collect your freshly laid free range eggs.

If you want to know more about the team at Nith Valley Eggs or you just want more pictures of those happy hens filling your screen, check out our homepage and have a snoop around!