Running out of bright ideas to keep the kids amused in the summer holidays? Get them in the kitchen and try out these fun egg recipes for kids! They will love getting stuck in. Oh, and it’ll save you desperately Googling ‘kid-friendly lunch inspo’ too.


1. Cinnamon French Toast Sticks

These sweet and savoury breakfast treats can be whipped up in seconds and are a great bargaining tool for negotiating yourself a well-deserved lie-in.


2. Mini Breakfast Pita Pizzas

We qualified the eggy-goodness in these pizzas by using the word ‘breakfast’ in the title. But really, they’re perfect for any time of day. Let kids get creative in the kitchen with different toppings and designs.


3. Baked Bean Omelette

Now that ‘on-toast’ is totally passe, we had to come up with a contemporary alternative that was just as tasty. A yummy snack that’s easy for kids to get involved making and can be beefed up with a baked potato or crusty bread on the side.



4. Simple Pancakes

Serve with a squeeze of lemon and honey or mix it up by adding chocolate chips or even blended, ripe bananas to the batter for a sweet and fruity hit!


5. Mini Bacon and Egg Pies

Made with ready-made pastry these little morsels can be served hot or cold, so are perfect for packing into lunch boxes for a summer holiday picnic. For a tasty vegetarian option, try a spinach and pine-nut mix.


6. Easy Little Pandas

Okay so these mini panda cupcakes do require a few extra decorative ingredients, but once you get going you’ll see how much cute-factor you get for minimal effort. These cupcakes are visually so effective and are guaranteed to delight your little ones! They are tiny too, so perfect for pint-sized-panda-makers.


7. Carrot Stars

Made with only 4 ingredients – eggs, oats, carrots and cheese – these lunchbox super-stars are a great finger food for kids with an added touch of carroty-goodness.


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