Summer is here and it’s that time of year again! Where will you be gathering to watch Andy defend his Wimbledon title? If serving up half-time cucumber sandwiches fills you and your party guests with dread, we have just what you need. Like Benoit Paire, we’re looking for something a little easier to beat


1. Eggs Baked in Avocado.

This delicious portable snack offers a diet friendly twist on the classic Scotch egg. It’s both low-carb and vegetarian-friendly (if you opt to go sans bacon) and can be baked ahead then served cold later.


2. Asparagus and Tomato Frittata Slice.

Packed with healthy veggies this frittata is as light a snack as it is a basket filler. Customise with your own veggies and cut into slices to serve or make them in muffin cases for the perfect summer picnic finger food.


3. Summer Berry Tarts.

After all, it wouldn’t be Wimbledon without the strawberries and cream. This recipe might require an ounce of concentration, but they are so worth it. To cut your prep time go for ready-made pastry – as long as you go for fresh Scottish strawberries and free range eggs, you’ll be fine!


4. Coconut Lemon Meringue Pies.

Umm, yes please. These tangy tarts are made from gluten-free, coconut flour pastry cases filled with decadent lemon filling and topped with honey-sweetened Italian meringue. A crowd pleaser that will also cater to special dietary requirements.


5. Cheese Straw Twists.

The summer picnic’s answer to the after-dinner cheese board. Super quick to prepare and easy to make, these savoury somethings are just the thing to wash down with a fruity summer cocktail.


Whether you’re sipping on champers from the Royal Box or being sustained with home-made sarnies in the cheap seats (either way, we do not recommend the cheese straws for actual Wimbledon attendees) remember to source the best quality, free range eggs you can for your summer picnic menu.


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