Reducing your Food miles

Its no secret that here at Nith Valley Eggs we are strong believers in supporting local trade. While we are confident that our woodland free range eggs are the most delicious you’ll try, that’s not the only good reason to choose them. A wander round your local farmer’s market is not only a great way to spend a Sunday, but you’re also reducing your carbon footprint as you go.

‘Food miles’ refer to the distance food has to travel from where its grown to where its sold. Many imported food products travel thousands of miles to reach our supermarket shelves in the UK. This not only increases the requirement for artificial preservatives in the foods we eat, but has a wider environmental impact. The good news is we can help combat this, simply by shopping local…

  • Food grown and distributed in the same locality requires less transportation, reducing fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Transport by air is the least environmentally friendly mode of food transport but the quickest growing, having increased by 140% since 1992.
  • HGVs transport both imported and UK grown foods around the country, accounting for 25% of all journeys throughout the UK. That’s a fair whack of congestion on our roads, as well as air and noise pollution.
  • Rainforests are being felled at a rate of 1.5 acres per second. Our demand for imported foods is a significant contributor to this, as land is cleared to grow crops for export or feed livestock on an industrial scale. By choosing locally grown, seasonal crops, we can help to preserve our planet’s valuable natural resources.

Choosing local producers, visiting your local farmer’s market and eating seasonally are all great ways to reduce your grub’s mileage. You can already pick up your Nith Valley woodland free range eggs from our handy fresh egg vending machines* and we have now teamed up with Roan’s Dairy to bring them straight to your door too! Find out more about their fabulous delivery service** here, bringing fresh, free range, local milk and eggs to you direct. Gold star for food miles and another half hour in bed… Eggcellent!