At Nith Valley Eggs, we are deadly serious about the happiness of our hens and the deliciousness of our free range woodland farm eggs. But that doesn’t mean we’re averse to some high-protein Halloween fun.

This week, we’ve put together our shortlist of tasty, egg-based, Halloween treats that can be whipped up in a jiffy, along with our favourite ways to get crafty with your old egg boxes this Halloween!


1. Spooky Egg-Tray Bats

If you’re a seasoned pro when it comes to tattie-holiday arts and crafts, it’s quite possible that you’re already familiar with this go-to Halloween favourite. We know you are committed to reusing or recycling your egg boxes, but for all those odd trays that never make it back to your local egg vending machine, this is the perfect way to reincarnate them as a fun and creative Halloween decoration.

A box of 6 eggs makes two bats and all you’ll need is a pair of scissors, black paint, glue, googly eyes and some ribbon or string. Let your little ones get creative with this simple project that’s easy to do and is really effective.


2. Rotten Deviled Eggs

So they may look and sound particularly gross, but this all but guarantees that these gruesome snacks will be a hit at your children’s Halloween party. They are simple to make and the kids can help. What child doesn’t love turning a healthy snack into bright green gloop?

If these are a hit, there’s plenty more when that came from – try some Deviled Egg Brains or these Spooky Spider Deviled Eggs.


3. Egg Carton Ghosts

There is something strangely endearing about these idiot-proof egg carton ghosts. They are so straightforward to make but kids love them! It goes without saying that these will require the standard arts and crafts ingredients – googly eyes, string, scissors and glue – with the addition of some paint (white this time), tissue paper and of course, an old egg carton. Hang these in doorways with a few of your spooky egg-tray bats to complete your halloween-decor.


4. Haunted Meringues

If you thought that turning your free range egg trays into googly-eyed ghosts was inspired, then you’re about to be astounded by the humble meringue. These are easy to make and lend themselves perfectly to impersonating tiny, delicious ghosts. All that’s required are your usual meringue ingredients and a little black icing, which you can easily buy pre-made in a decorating tube from the supermarket.


5. Spooky Top-Hats

A ghostly twist on the traditional children’s party favourite. Bake your brownies as usual then top with a marshmallow, drizzle with white icing and finish off with black decorating icing for the eyes and mouth. Okay, so these aren’t technically top hats, but pernickety bakers can add a Smartie on top to create a sharply dressed ghosty.

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