– At Nith Valley Eggs we are dedicated to producing fresh free range eggs for our customers throughout the United Kingdom.
– Our farm is currently the only free range woodland farm in Dumfries and Galloway.
– So why do we believe in free range egg farming?

About Nith Valley Eggs and Free Range Egg Farming

-Unlike many farms, Nith Valley Eggs place huge emphasis on the health of our hens. It is our belief that healthy hens produce great-tasting free range eggs! Our farm consists of a huge plot of 30 acres of woodland. We always allow our hens to roam the countryside at will.

-Happy in a natural environment, our hens always produce delicious and natural free range eggs. We never compromise on our environmental values and always maintain that free range eggs are healthier, tastier and more authentic than eggs produced in cramped conditions.

Cages, Barns and Free Range Fraud

-Cramped battery cages were banned across the EU in 2012. But their replacement is little better. The new ‘enriched’ cages have 14 hens per square meter. One step up are Barn eggs. Although Barn-raised hens roam freely indoors, most never see the light of day. Space is cramped at nine hens per square meter. Beak trimming is routine.

-Although 50% of eggs produced in the UK are purportedly ‘free range’, the reality is not so clear-cut. Each bird has 4 square meters of space, but there is no maximum limit to flock sizes, a fact exploited by many producers.

-Under EU regulations, to qualify as free range, the maximum stocking density is 2,500 hens per hectare. At Nith Valley we have a 30 acre site (12.1 hectares) with 13,000 hens. We therefore have close to three times as much space as required by EU regulation, testament to our desire to ensure the health and happiness of our free range hens.

-It is our strong belief that free range egg farming is the only ethical form of egg farming in The United Kingdom. That’s why we will NEVER compromise on our values!

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