Stepping into Nith Valley Eggs farm is like a breath of fresh air when it comes to free range egg producers.

The thirty acre site is a former quarry and covered in a variety of trees making it an ideal setting for the six production sheds dotted around the modern sorting and packing unit. The beautiful landscape of the farm can only be described as second to none amongst egg producers UK wide. The location has been well utilised to make the perfect home for the 13000 hens currently at Nith Valley.

Hen’s health and well being are priorities at Nith Valley and that is emphasised by the freedom that the birds have to roam through the bracken and bushes. Such emphasis is applied to providing the very best home and care possible to the hens as Nith Valley strongly believes this aids the production of the freshest free range eggs from our hens.

The farm is the latest step in the development of the young Scottish company and a significant one, given the praise the choice of site and its planning have been given by several experts. In terms of free range egg suppliers within Dumfries and Galloway, Nith Valley is most certainly unique in it’s setting. They are currently the only free range woodland based farm in the county. The success of the farm has been nothing but continuous since 2008, gaining the trust from their consumers as one of the best free range egg producers in Scotland. Their efforts to supply all of their customers as quickly as possible with the freshest of eggs was the inspiration behind the creation of the Egg Vending machines. They aim to provide customers with the same quality eggs as quickly and conveniently as possible.