Zero Waste with Nith Valley Free Range Eggs

If you make your own mayonnaise* (recipe at the end if you’d like to give it a go) – and why wouldn’t you, when a) it’s so easy – and b) you have fresh Nith [...]

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Start the Week with Some Eggs

Dean Martin might have asked how we like our eggs in the morning but we’ve been thinking about eggs in the evening. Monday evening to be precise. Summer’s well and truly over and the kids [...]

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Fancy a Twist on Eggy Bread? – Try Jamie Oliver Inspired French Crumpets

Egg Marketing Board The old Egg Marketing Board slogan from the Swinging Sixties was - “Go to work on an egg”. A quick search on YouTube and you’ll see the TV ads that promoted the [...]

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Quick Guide: The Nith Valley Eggs Vending Machines

Egg Vending Machines One of the best things about our farm at Gatelawbridge is the vast amount of space our happy hens have to roam around and enjoy life in the great outdoors. It does [...]

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Get Set For Summer With These Healthy Eggy Ideas

Summer Holidays What do you think of when you think of summer? Here at Nith Valley Eggs, we like to think of ourselves as optimists. Our summer daydream involves endless sunny days, flowers bursting with [...]

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Nith Valley Eggs Teams Up With The Butchery

As you know, we’re pretty enthusiastic about all the recipes you can use our delicious free range eggs in. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to eat them every day. The first thing [...]

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