Egg Picnic Recipes for Summer

Summer is here and it’s that time of year again! Where will you be gathering to watch Andy defend his Wimbledon title? If serving up half-time cucumber sandwiches fills you and your party guests with [...]

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The Health Benefits of Eating Eggs

Summertime is officially around the corner and it's time to emerge from those winter woolies! But have you been shocked to find that your favourite cut-offs have mysteriously reduced in size during their hiatus? When [...]

Beat the Heat with Our Top 5 Summer Egg Recipes

It’s not just our eggs that have been baking to perfection this week. British summertime is officially here! Okay, so maybe it’s not guaranteed every year but that’s why we’re committed to making the most [...]

How to Use up Extra Eggs with These Quick Easter Recipes for Kids

So, you’ve picked up your tray of 15 eggs from your nearest egg vending machine… But of course, it’s Easter time! That means you’ve lost at least half to ‘that dip dye debacle' and the [...]

Egg Decorating with Kids this Easter

Egg Decorating the Nith Valley way The Easter break is the perfect time to get the arts and craft supplies out with the kids and get creative. We’ve put together a list of a few [...]

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What happens to your local community when you shop local?

When you choose to buy locally grown produce and to support businesses in your area, this not only benefits you and yours - shorter distances travelled by food makes for naturally fresher and tastier grub [...]

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